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Octathalon | This CrossFit Sport Comes to Swindon

There is an  Octathalon event taking place on the 28th April at the Next Generation gym in  Swindon. It is free to all  members of the website with only a cost of £5 on the door payable to Next  Generation. There is racing  for beginners to the Octathalon and beginners to fitness as well as […]

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Top 10 exercises for Press-up/Push-up progression | By Jacqui Macquisten

The Press-up has taken its place as the cornerstone exercise of every military service across the World. It is an excellent exercise for muscular strength and muscular endurance. Many people ask me how they can improve the number of press ups they can do. My reply is nearly always the same, irrespective of how many […]

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