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OSTEOPOROSIS: Osteoporosis affects one in three women in the UK and one in twelve men. A condition caused by estrogen loss, which causes bone to lose minerals. ROLL OF ESTROGEN: Estrogen levels drop after menopause, and calcium is lost most rapidly during the first six years. Estrogen levels decrease in younger women who exercise too […]

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Women face specific health problems.  In fact, because of the additional responsibilities associated with child bearing.  As well as possible work site discrimination, women managers are exposed to stress unknown to men. Osteoporosis has long been called “the silent epidemic”  because 25% of all postmenopausal women suffer without any real symptoms or warning.  For many […]

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How Exercise Can Strengthen Your Bones

One in three women develops osteoporosis, caused by a gradual loss of bone mineral, which leaves the skeleton fragile and porous.  However, you can improve bone mineral density (BMD) by doing exercise to stimulate bone formation, according to Dr. Joan Bassey and Susie Dinan, advisors to the Osteoporosis Society. Here are their tips: Endurance activities […]

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