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A nutrition group say low calorie ready meals can contain harmful levels of salt.  Consensus Action on Salt and Health say a typical days intake of these products can contain twice the recommended level of salt, increasing users risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis.  

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DIET Foods That Make You FAT!

We all buy them, sucked into the hype of advertising that food companies put out there to make us think that buying a diet option food will get you slim… But how wrong are you!… Cereal Bars: We are lead to believe that cereal bars are the perfect healthy snack and the light option breakfast […]

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Adverse Reactions to Food

When people who are described as atopic, eat certain foods, they produce excessive amounts of an antibody called immunogloblin E when eating and inhaling allergens. These foods are often such as milk, fish, eggs & nuts.  The reaction can be as light as just a runny nose to extreme cases of swelling of the face, […]

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Shake The LoSalt

The average person in the UK consumes more than 8.6g of Salt, a staggering 2.6g over the RDA,  18.2g per week over the weekly RDA (over 10days worth of salt in just one week). There is overwealming evidence linking a high salt diet to raised blood pressure, increased rick of stroke, stomach cancer and aggravating […]

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Take The LO-SALT Challenge

You’ve read about it in the press, heard about it in the media about how much sodium is in salt and how harmful it can be for usif eaten in excess, but how do you know if you are consuming too much? Heres how you can find out… The following chart shows a number of […]

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HEART OF THE MATTER | Top Tips For A Healthy Heart

A healthy heart is vital for a healthy body.  You can help to protect your heart by doing these things: Eat plenty of fruit & veg Eat plenty of fibre Cut down on salt cut down on fat and go for unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat Eat oily fish Avoid drinking too much alcohol […]

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