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RUNNING out of power mid-journey is the top worry for prospective electric vehicle buyers – but most drivers could take a full week of normal trips without recharging. That’s according to research by DrivingElectric.com, the independent consumer advice website on electric vehicles. The surprise finding of the study into British driving habits shows most drivers […]

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8 Reasons to Love Lemon Balm

Few people use the herb lemon balm, and even fewer have even heard of it. But if they knew about its impressive healing effects, many more people would be growing fragrant plant in their gardens. The History of Lemon Balm Lemon balm was used as far back as the Middle Ages to improve sleep, reduce […]

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Are You In Need Of A Detox?

Yes, most of us are in need of a detox…  Below is a set of questions…  If you answer ‘yes’ to less than 4 questions then you probably don’t need a detox. If you answer between 5-10 questions then your body would greatly benefit from a detox… If you answer ‘yes’ more than 10 times […]

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STRESS CAN KILL AND DOES… Stress is recognised by doctors as the key factor in many illnesses.  The Symptoms of stress are many and varied, from general aches and pains to more serious conditions.  Lack of concentration, depression, poor memory, sleeping difficulties, short temper and even skin conditions are other symptoms of stress. The ongoing […]

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Factfile On Stress by MIND

Life is stressful.  What matters is that you recognise when you are under so much stress that it may be harmful. About 80% of all modern diseases have their beginnings in stress. Most of the 12million adults who see their GPs each year about mental health problems have complaints related to stress. Over 45million working […]

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ARE YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS FORGOTTON? Well we’re coming to the end of January and many of you have probably already ditched your New Year’s resolutions. So is January really a great time to set resolutions to get fit and lose weight? Maybe the summer is a better time to think of this, with longer […]

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FEELING STRESSED OR WORRIED? Dont know who to talk to? We are a free confidential listening line… We can offer a friendly ear and can signpost you to other services No matter what your problem we are there to listen If you have no credits you can txt us and we will call you back […]

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MAKE THE CONNECTION: Could the fact that you are feeling under the weather be a response to pressure? TAKE A REGULAR BREAK: Give yourself a brief break whenever you feel things are getting on top of you – get a soft drink or take a stroll. LEARN TO RELAX: Follow a simple routine to relax […]

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10 Great Reasons for Having Sex

If you are in that winter blues mood and sex has just gone straight to the bottom of the list, then kick start your New Years Sex Drive and see that besides the obvious benefits of fun and enjoyment, what other benefits come from having regular sex. Top of the List – Weight Loss!!! Thats […]

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How Repeated Stress Impairs Memory

Anyone who has ever been subject to chronic stress knows that it can take a toll on emotions and the ability to think clearly. Now, new research uncovers a neural mechanism that directly links repeated stress with impaired memory. The study, published by Cell Press in the March 8 issue of the journal Neuron, also […]

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