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Orlando Mass Murderer Pledged allegiance to ISIS

Mass Orlando Mass Murderer Was not On the Terror Watch List, Even Though He Was Interviewed By FBI Twice Since 2013 29yr old US citizen of Afghan decent Omar Mateen last night massacred 50 young people enjoying a night out at gay night club ‘Pulse Night Club’ in Orlando at 2am.  Omar Mateen from Port […]

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A Disgusting PR Campaign Waged By Presidential Hopeful Trump in the Wake of Orlando Massacre

In the wake of the Orlando mass killings, instead of just showing solidarity and support of the victims, Trump the Republican hopeful for the next President of the USA has used this very sad day as a platform to attack both President Obama and Clinton, as well as use it for political gain. Trump took […]

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The Qurans Literal Medieval Text to Violence and Terror

The Qurans Literal Medieval Text to Violence and Terror It’s 23rd March 2016, the day after yet another ISIS attack on the West, this time it was Brussels.  So far 34 people have been counted dead in two bomb blasts, the first at the International Airport in Brussels and then on the Metro. So why has […]

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CEP Condemns Attacks in Belgium

CEP Condemns Attacks in Belgium “Following the attacks in Paris last November that killed 130 – planned and carried out in part by individuals with connections with Belgium, including Salah Abdeslam – Europe and the larger international community united with a focused determination to defeat ISIS and counter the threat of terrorism and extremism.  In […]

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Jihadi in Germany: What could possibly go wrong?

Whether most Muslims are peaceable is irrelevant. The fact is that fanatics rule Islam now & act-out what the Qur’an truly says …maul, march, & murder every Infidel if they won’t convert!” ― Gary Patton Being Islamist in Europe is nothing new. It is an old term for those radical Muslims who have always wanted […]

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More British jihadis slip out of UK to fight for evil ISIS

More British jihadis slip out of UK to fight for evil ISIS despite being on WATCHLISTS It is difficult to understand how someone on the terror watch list can walk into an airport in the UK, with a British passport, walk through passport control where surely the passport check on the computer would flag up […]

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Jeremy Corbyn – A Threat To The National Security Of The United Kingdom

As a Tory supporter, much as I’m happy for now that Corbyn is leader of the Labour Party which really seems to be doing more damage than good to his party, I feel like many others that he should step down as not only leader of the main opposition party, but also from politics as […]

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Is Amtrak at risk to a terrorist attack?

Recent terror attacks in California and Paris have all of us talking about security in public places, but there is one vulnerable target in Boston and throughout the Northeast that is potentially being overlooked. It’s just before sunrise at a busy Station, already there’s a reminder of the threat of terrorism. Armed Homeland Security Police […]

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