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Are You US Army Fit?

Do you think you could pass the new US Army Fitness Test? Here it is… The new US Army Fitness Test, is said to be more suitable to making troops combat fit compared to the current fitness test which involves as part of its strength testing, press ups, sit ups and chin ups, along with […]

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US Military recruiters hoping Top Gun Two will bring in much needed recruits

“You don’t own these planes son the taxpayers do”, One of the many iconic and best known quotes from the original Top Gun movie. In 1986, a movie called Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise would send military recruitment into overdrive.  Over 20,000 applicants for the military, mostly for the Navy applied around the release of […]

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Is Amtrak at risk to a terrorist attack?

Recent terror attacks in California and Paris have all of us talking about security in public places, but there is one vulnerable target in Boston and throughout the Northeast that is potentially being overlooked. It’s just before sunrise at a busy Station, already there’s a reminder of the threat of terrorism. Armed Homeland Security Police […]

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