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Six Reasons Why You Should Drink Green Tea

Green tea doesn’t only taste good, it also has a number of health benefits. Here are 6 great reasons why I’ve incorporated this delicious drink in my diet and why you should too. 1. Boosting Your Metabolism Green tea contains properties that can help to increase your metabolism and burn fat in the short term.  This means that, together […]

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What Is Fitness?

Good question, we are all individuals and with this everyone’s definition of fitness is going to be different. A 100m sprinter would find a marathon very hard and a marathon runner would find a 100m sprint a struggle too.  Both are supremely fit, but conditioned to their own event. Many of us however, simply just […]

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Eat For Your Heart – Make Change Today

Getting ready to make changes…  If you have coronary heart disease, your doctor may have already given you information about healthy eating and to eat well for your heart. You will also be able to find many articles on Heart Disease prevention nutrition and exercise articles.  Just check out key words in the search box. […]

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40% of Women Are Dieting Right Now – So Why Aren’t They All Slim?

40% of Women Are Dieting Right Now – So Why Aren’t They All Slim? It is estimated at least 15million people in the UK are dieting right now, including 40% of all women in the UK on some kind of diet at any one time.  Of those who diet, 95% will regain their weight and […]

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FOOD CHOICES EAT LESS FAT: The three nutrient sources available through food and drink are carbohydrate, fat and protein.  Carbohydrate provides us with 3.75kcals of energy per gram, protein gives us 4kcals of energy per gram and fat will provide more calories than any other food source with 9kcals of energy per gram. The average […]

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HOW MANY CALORIES DO WE BURN PER DAY? The human body has four ways of burning calories during the day: Basal Metabolism – calorie Consumption tied to work – Calorie consumption tied to digestion – Calorie Consumption tied to sports. 1: BASAL METABOLISM: This is what lets a person burn calories (basal) even while at […]

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Vegetable & Grilled Tuna Kebabs

NUTRITION INFORMATION: Calories: 371 Protein: 35g Carbohydrates: 15g Sugars: 7.7g Fat: 20g Saturated Fat: 0.08g PREP TIME: 5mins.         COOKING TIME: 15mins.   INGREDIENTS: 4x Tuna Steaks (approx 150g each) 2x Red onions 12x Cherry tomatoes 1x Red pepper 1x Yellow pepper 1tbsp of Olive oil Freshly ground black pepper Lemon & […]

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RESISTANCE TRAINING: Resistance training increases muscle tissue and elevates metabolism to burn more calories, 24hrs per day. SMART EATING: Eating at regular intervals provides energy and increases metabolism.  Don’t restrict your calories below normal calorie intake 2000-2500 calories. MANAGING CHANGE: Changing the status quo in our lives is never easy.  It’s important to identify the […]

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The most popular way to produce a negative calorie balance is…. TO DIET. It is assumed that eating fewer calories results in weight loss.  However, over 96% of dieters regain the weight they lost (and often more) after they return to normal eating. SO WHY DONT DIETS WORK? When our calorie intake is reduced, most […]

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Why do we adopt a middle aged spread as we grow older??? Many adults do not eat more, or even as much as they did when they were younger.  So why does the average person add 1lb of body weight per year from around 30yrs old onwards? You might assume that more fat on our […]

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