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Summer Is Here! So How About A Family Camping Adventure?

With the awesome summer weather the UK has seen already in recent weeks and the school summer holidays just around the corner, how about checking out what you need for a great camping adventure… The Wiltshire Tent and Camping Show is now on until the 16th July at Roves Farm, Sevenhampton. Here is brief preview […]

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Laser Clay Shooting

Have a great fun time for all ages, using authentic de-activated 12-bore shotguns, addapted to Laser Shooting.  A conventional clay launcher is used which can be adjusted to fire clays at different heights and angles. A minimum area of 30m x 10m is required to enable the clays to fly and land.   A maximum […]

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4×4, Karting and Skid Pan | Chippenham, Wiltshire

A dynamic activity centre offering driving experiences from skid control training to kart racing.  How about 4×4 off road driving in Land Rover Discoveries? With our BORDA accredited instructors giving you skills needed for 4×4 driving you will soon learn just how much fun it really is! Check out our 350m outdoor kart track, our […]

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Uo To 78% Discount at Holland & Barrett (Ends 30th May)

Get down to Holland & Barrett this week and check out all the healthy deals with up to 78% discount on products in store! www.hollandandbarrett.com  

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MIKE BUSS Interview with Swindon Web (London Marathon 2010)

London Marathon to Swindon Mike Buss completes 106.2 miles in under 27 hours Whilst most London marathon runners will be taking it easy after their 26.2 mile endurance run yesterday – there was one man in Swindon who decided to go that extra mile. When Mike Buss completed the Virgin London Marathon this was not […]

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MIKE BUSS Interview with Swindon Web | 48hr Treadmill World Record

48hr Treadmill Challenge A world record attempt by Mike Buss If you’re shopping in Swindon town centre this weekend, why not stop off to cheer on a world record attempt for non-stop running on a treadmill. Record-breaker: Mike Buss Mike Buss, whose aim is to break 20 world fitness records in just 12 months in […]

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Body Fit Personal Training | Cumbria

Name: Samantha Ayers Home Address: Cockermouth, Cumbria Telephone: 01900 825974 Email: askSam@bodyfitpersonaltraining.co.uk Website: http://www.bodyfitpersonaltraining.co.uk/BodyFitPT.php?page=Home Professional Body Membership: Register of Exercise Professional (REPs) Education First Class BA (Hons), QTS Primary & Outdoor Education with Environmental Science Charlotte Mason College, Lancaster University Vocational Qualifications YMCA Level 2: Fitness Knowledge Gym Instuctor Circuit Training Exercise to Music Walking […]

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Ben Jones Personal Trainer | Cumbria

Experienced Personal Trainer in the Cumbria Area. Primary aim to give honest, positive and a high standard of fitness knowledge and nutrition advice. Tel: 07788 476 800 Email: ben.jones79@live.co.uk Website: http://www.personaltrainerbenjones.co.uk/  

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SG Fitness | Swindon & South West

We are a specialist Personal Training Company focused on strength and sports performance, based in Swindon, Wiltshire and the South West. Our experience in Functional Fitness, Bio-mechanics and Technical Application of the body allows us to work intricately with your body and apply it to the function you require. Our focus is on your Technique […]

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Standing Barbell Shoulder Press | Targets Deltoids, Triceps, Lower Body

  The idea of this exercise is to load up a heavier weight than a seated shoulder press, to develop additional deltoid strength. Using a barbell, with an overhand grip (hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart), position the bar high on the chest. Bend your knees slightly, then quickly and explosively straighten your legs and press […]

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