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YAKULT – Get In Tune With Your Digestive System

Yakult has been around since 1935 when it was introduced in Japan. millions of people take Yakult daily to help with the smooth running of their digestive system which is important to your health. How Does Yakult Work? Yakult’s active ingredient, Lactobacillus casei Shirota, helps maintain good conditions in our intestines. ¬†These friendly lactic acid […]

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Probiotic Food | Good For You???

The Probiotic Market has been hitting the UK for several years now and has gained over ¬£300million market, with adverts on the TV, in the paper and fitness magazines, so is this friendly bacteria good for us? Or is it just a con??? The marketing for Probiotic products claim, a healthier you, a sleeker you, […]

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