Technogym SKILLRUN shatters all expectations of what a treadmill can be

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SKILLRUN shatters all expectations of what a treadmill can be. It is the first piece of running equipment designed to meet the training requirements of elite athletes and demanding fitness enthusiasts. Thanks to its unique MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™, SKILLRUN users can combine cardio and power training in a single solution.

Treadmill, sled, and parachute. All in one.

As a treadmill, this piece of kit is next level state of the art and has limitless training potential to keep your training continuously varied and fresh.  And that’s just in its treadmill mode with pre-set training programmes and even group running, bringing the motivation of a class environment to the cardio gym floor with SKILLRUN Class.  There is also a unique parachute training setting which Ive never seen on any treadmill to date.

Beyond the traditional treadmill and parachute settings, there is another unique and awesome setting to push you in your training. Sledge Training mode.  Technogym have created a unique sledge training workout that truly replicates the pushing of a sledge on grass, including inertia.  The SKILLRUN treadmill is a machine that will boost your explosive power and acceleration.

Uncover the secrets of running

The Skillrun Unity 7000 is the ultimate athlete’s toolbox: never a treadmill provided such exact measure of your parameters, helping you improve your running performance indoors and break any records.














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