The 62 Stone Wedding Day | Britains Fattest Couple Wed

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Most women come to trainers like me to get them looking great for their wedding day, getting them slim, but not this bride!  Chocolate is the only thing on her mind and lots of it!

40stone Sharon and 22stone groom Andrew were married recently  and are officially Britains Fattest Couple…  Their wedding check list included Purple accessories to pay tribute to Cadbury, Fat figurines for the wedding cake, a 3-course breakfast, Chocolate Fondue, Hog Roast & Chocolate Cup Cakes (Guess they roasted the Bride) and chocolate and fruit cake.

Unemployed Sharon (due to being unable to work due to her size) said she loves food, by the age of 17yrs Sharon was 22stone and was eating a staggering 5000kcals per day!

The Wedding cost £12,000 and with Sharon not able to work due to her size you have to wonder how much came from the tax payers pockets.  Andrew does work but how long before his size stops him from doing his job?

Excessive weight is bad for your health and can cause overwealming health issues, and costs the tax payer millions every year.

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