The Mediterranean Diet

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Heart disease is lower in some Mediterranean countries than here in the UK.  The word on the grapevine is that their traditional diet – mainly Spain, Italy, France & Greece leads to longer and healthier life.  With FATs holding the key.

When in Rome:

In continental cuisine, their fats come from olive oil and omega 3 rich oily fish than in butter, red meat and processed foods. This is great because olive oil is rich in unsaturated fat, notably oleic acid, and can reduce the risk of heart disease while Omega 3 is thought to lower blood pressure.  Add to this red wine in moderation (which may also raise levels of protective cholesterol) and small mountain of fruit and veg, you have the perfect recipe for a healthy heart.


Lots of This:

Bread – Pasta – Rice – Couscous – Polenta – Wholegrains – Potatoes

Fruits – Beans – Legumes – Vegetables – Nuts

Olive Oil – Cheese – Yoghurt

Lots of physical activity

Some of This:

Fish – Poultry – Eggs

And Less of This:

Red Meat

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