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The Workout Window is used extensively but under emphasised in the Body Building World.  This valuable period however, when the body is being primed firstly for muscle breakdown, then for explosive power and finally for muscle and hormonal recovery and maximisation is very important to your physique development.

You will often hear guys talking in the gym about having protein shakes straight after workouts, but many of them are still missing out on before and during workouts.  These periods are called.

  • Intra
  • Peri

These two periods can help maximise your workout results.


Use a shake with Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate and a dual action arginine stack to maximise Nitric Oxide production and muscle pump.

A good product for this is PhD V-Max Pump.

  • Use PhD V-Max Pump prior to training with 2x scoops

15-20mins prior to training


Battery+/-3 & BCAA’s: These products from PhD contains small amounts of BCAAs along with fast, slow and medium speed carbohydrates to help preserve glycogen stores throughout your workout.

If you are just training 30-60mins with weights then it is advised that you use just BCAA’s (take 5 capsules).

If you are also doing cardio with your weights and training for 60-120mins try using 1x scoop of Battery+/-3 also.


Use Recovery 2:1 another PhD product, take this straight after a workout (2x scoops with 400ml Water).

For more information on PhD products and how they can help your workout – goto




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