Ultra Running

Ultra Running is a sport where athletes cover distances further than the traditional marathon of 26.2miles (42.195km).  There are two types of Ultra Events, they are; Distance Events that commonly cover distances of 50miles, 100miles or 50km and 100km.  Then there is Time Events where the winner is the one that has covered the most distance in a set time, usually over 24hrs, 48hrs and multi-day events.

Races can be point to point or run round a set loop several times.  Many Ultras cover multi terrain such as Desert, cross-country or arctic.  Probably the most famous of all Ultras is the Marathon des Sables

Ultra Running has been around for some time but lately become the latest trend for normal people to take up as a challenge for charity or personal goals after maybe running a traditional marathon such as London and then wondered what to do next.  You will find many charities offering places for events all over the world.

The International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU) organises the World Championships for various distances including 50km, 100km, 24hrs and ultra trail running.  These events are sanctioned by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) the worlds governing body of track and field.

Most countries have their own Ultra Running organizations such as the US with the American Ultra Running Association.

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