Vitamin Supplements | VITAL or VICE?

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As science advances at a fast rate in nutrition appear in medical journals etc, nutritionist and Joe Public get a better picture on how to keep the body in tip top condition.

For years we have been told that vitamin suppliments were a good thing… But now its not that black ant white.

The word ‘Vitamins’ came from’Vital Amines’ because the first one discovered was a type of compound called amine.  Its true that eating a range of food containing vitamins is essential to prevent a whole host of illnesses caused by vitamin deficiency.  What if you have a specific vitamin deficiency?

If you eat a well balanced healthy diet, there is no need to take regular vitamin suppliment.  According to some of the top Doctors in the field of Nutrition all agree that al the body needs can be found from a good healthy diet and sunshine.

Despite this, there is a huge demand for nutritional suppliments, all promising to keep you healthy.  Its not been made clear enough to prove that synthetic vitamin suppliments have the same effect on your body as eating them as part of a healthy balanced diet.

When eating fruit and vegetables your body studies suggest that they dont absorb the vitamins thet contain in isolation.  However they are likely used together with other vitamins and elements of food and its this mixture of elements that seems to bring many of the health benefits attributed to vegetables and fruit.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are no substitute for a balanced diet.


“All nutrients your body needs can be found from food and some sunshine”


Vitamin & Mineral Rich:

Green Leafy Vegetables:

Helps strengthen the immune system and make red blood cells.

Citrus Fruit:

Helps the body absorb iron and maintains cells and tissues.


For healthy skin & hair, plus a healthy nervous system.

Oily Fish:

Good for bones and boosts the immune system.


Helps with blood clotting, building muscle tissue and lots more.



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