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Mike took on his greatest endurance challenge to date at the Swindon Brunel Shopping Centre in support of Help for Heroes with an amazing £12,000 raised from this one event. 

Mike covered a staggering 517.25 miles on a treadmill (supplied by Star Trac) smashing the previous record by 49 miles.

Along the way previous holder of the record, Lee Chamberlain, came down to help witness the record and so did Deputy Mayor of Swindon Rex Barnett and ‘George Cross Medal’ winner Matt Croucher from the Royal Marines.

Members of the public and various running clubs came down including the editor of the Swindon Advertiser to run alongside Mike on the spare treadmill.  The Brunel Shopping Centre put on a number of attractions such as a clown on stilts to help make the event a great success and by the closing stages of the 7day epic run, Mike had over 500 people gathered around him which raised over 1000 people who had gathered around Mike on his treadmill to se him finish his world record infront of national and international press and media flockong to get footage of Mike finishing his world record which was broadcast around the Globe, from BBC & ITV here in the UK to NBC in the US and ABC News in Australia.

Every national paper in the UK picted the story up and Mike was thrown into the limelight and gained interest from numerous sponsors including Jeep & Brooks.

From this and the continuous charity events Mike had done and was planning to do in the town, Mike was awarded Pride of Swindon Award, The Life Time Achievement Award Runner Up & Wiltshire Man of the Year.

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  1. Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, appreciate it. “What the United States does best is to understand itself. What it does worst is understand others.” by Carlos Fuentes.

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  3. Someone with internet access says:

    I smell something, left behind by a bull…


    Also, your spelling and punctuation is that of a 2 year old!

    • mikebuss says:

      I broke the 7 Day treadmill record in front of hundreds of people, I had a continuous team of independent witnesses provided by the RLC. The website you refer to I have not seen before, I have contacted them to say I would like my record recognised by them also as the person they have currently holding the record only ran 511 miles, I ran 516.25 miles, and the Greek athlete you mention, was done on road years ago and it as stated is still not recognised. In fact it’s not recognised by any record governing body.

      So that leaves me currently still holding the distance record, I was recognised by Record Holders Republic and have a certificate issued by them proving the fact I broke the record.

      I have broken over 40 world endurance records over the years, I I would hazard a guess that most have surely been beaten since, so just because I don’t still hold the record doesn’t delete the fact I broke the record years ago.

      I have certificate and witnesses for every record I’ve ever broken, so like I’ve told a number of you morons, shut your winging and GLOCK back to playing with your dolls X

  4. Darren Woodward says:

    Kind of disrespectful to Sharon Gayter that you claim the furthest treadmill run, yes you have a certificate from some shoddy records organisation that can’t even use google, but she ran further than you before you. As for 40 records, it will be those nonsense ones with different weight packs or on arm tied behind your back etc awarded by some ridiculous organisation.

    • mikebuss says:

      I think you will find that I broke the record before her and Lee Chamberline was present at my record and saw me break his record, Sharon broke my record in 2011 by a few metres.
      I’d quite happily get back on a treadmill and break the 600mile marker which is what several people have in their sights.
      My record was not recognised by some shoddy organisation, it is an organisation recognised by endurance athletes more so than GWR due the GWR cancelling many endurance records and concentrating on what they believe is profitable to sell their book like growing your nails long.
      As for my records they are all recognised weight carrying records based on weights the worlds military’s carry in various fitness tests.
      There is nothing shoddy about the challenges I’ve taken on! I’d love to see you try and match my endurance!

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