Nutrition Advice

In today’s society where feeling good is undermined by stress, pollution, pesticides and drugs, many people put up with symptoms such as fatigue, skin conditions, insomnia and digestive complaints.

Nutrition has a vital role to play in everyone’s lives, whether it’s to deal with a disease or improve health or for a particular purpose, such as pre-conception or pre-menopause.

We can offer nutrition advice online or through one to one sessions in person with our team of Nutritionists.  If you need a one to one in person and we don’t have a team member close to you then why not try our online directory of Nutritionist.

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woman-drinking-water_sm Sound nutrition based upon scientific fact!  That is what we are all about.There are many diets out there promising fantastic results but never deliver, most of these diets aren’t even based upon current or even relevant scientific fact & research.
Mike Buss has studied Nutrition and diets from all over the world and has found that he keeps coming back to the only scientifically proven and healthy way to lose weight is the 40-30-30 rule.  This program is not a diet and is completely based upon scientific fact!

  • 40% Carbohydrates
  • 30% Protein
  • 30% Essential fats

With all the will in the world, strict dieting will end up being left behind which is another reason to ditch the diet and just eat sensibly!

Also Mike even admits to having his bad food days, if you eat healthy all the time, you will eventually go back to your bad ways, so just eat in moderation and treat yourself for doing well…

food_pyramid_sm Mikes Basic Breakdown of a week’s main meals:  Day 1: Fish  Day 2: Chicken/White meat day

  Day 3: Fish

  Day 4: Red meat day

  Day 5: Chicken/White meat day

  Day 6: Bad day-Chips or Pizza etc.

  Day 7: Salad meal

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