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Get Bran Power

Try eating a bowl of Bran Flakes to increase strength.  Nutritionists have found that betaine which is a chemical found in high fibre cereal enhances physical performance.  Betaine helps cell function and prevents dehydration during your workout. The College of New Jersey tested on male students in power exercise tests over a two week period […]

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NEOVITE – Natures Food For Peak Performance

Neovite is first milk, rich in colostrum, collected in the 48hrs after calving.  Its exceptional nutrients, protect agents, antibodies and repair factors: Stimulate immune response Improve digestive health Enhance repair and recovery Neovite is an excellent way to accelerate recovery after your workout. IMMUNITY: Boost immune system Auto-immune moderation Faster damage repair DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Harmful […]

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Orbana Energy Drink Review

I was recently approached by Orbana to try out their energy drink and see what I think…  I trialled their product on a a couple of my recent challenges as well as in training, the challenges included, the National 3Peaks Challenge and the London to Paris Charity Challenge for Inner Flame which was hosted at […]

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The Workout Window is used extensively but under emphasised in the Body Building World.  This valuable period however, when the body is being primed firstly for muscle breakdown, then for explosive power and finally for muscle and hormonal recovery and maximisation is very important to your physique development. You will often hear guys talking in […]

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HEALTHY ICECREAM | God has Answered my Prayers!

Its true, this icecream really is healthy and even though it has no fat, no added sugar, 100% natural and free from artificial sweeteners.  But I know what you are going to say! It will taste horible, but WRONG – This icecream tastes as good as any top brand in the supermarket, comes in variety […]

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Energy Sweets Field Test | Goody GOOD STUFF

I was contacted by Goody GOOD STUFF back in March 2012 to see if Id like to trial their products and let them know what I thought so here are my thoughts, what I think of their products and a little comparison to a couple of the top selling energy sweets on the market here […]

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40-30-30 | The Ultimate Eating Plan to Lose Weight & Get in Shape

This is no gimmick! This is no Diet! This is the way the human body was designed to fuel itself and the only way multiple world record breaking endurance athlete Mike Buss eats and is the only healthy eating plan endorsed by Mike which he also sets his clients. With a record breaking pedigree and […]

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Is a CALORIE a calorie?

It is obvious from the research presented that what we have been doing is not working…  And its not working spectacularly!  Congratulations – We are getting fatter! Faster! So what’s going on? The following research highlights the need for the correct macronutrient balance.  Four groups of people were taken aside and all were fed 1000calories […]

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SNES | Swindons Premier Sports Nutrition Store

Looking for the vry best in sports nutrition products and advice? then look no further, SNES | Sports Nutrition & Equipment Suppliers, is the number 1# place to go and if you are not near Swindon in Wiltshire then check out their online shop…  I met Romeo the owner of SNES a year ago and […]

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Half Marathon Training With Mike Buss | Part 2

Follow Mike Buss, World Record Breaking Endurance Athlete over the next 5 weeks, giving you top advice for your preparations for this year’s Half Marathon training. FIVE WEEKS TO GO – Nutrition: You shouldn’t have any need to diet, just eat sensibly, and remember you are entering a half marathon so the training you are […]

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