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So Ive read about this brand of male grooming products in the likes of GQ Magazine, FHM, Mens Fitness and many more.  And after trying a sample of their moisturiser which came out of a copy of Mens Fitness I decided to give their range a good trial and personally I got on really well […]

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO LOOK AND FEEL GOOD. Discover how a fuss-free body and skincare routine can work for you, and find the best products for you.  WAKE YOUR BODY UP: Use a quality sponge, this is much better than using your hands for washing.  It creates more lather and leaves you feeling much cleaner. […]

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4 Things She Cant Resist

GET THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS WITH A BODY TO IMPRESS Smile: Studies have shown that women find a mans smile irresistable over muscles.  Keep you teeth pearly white, avoid drinks like coffee and coke and stop smoking if you do. And remember to smile into her eyes and not at her chest. Stubble: Peter […]

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Designer Online Underwear & Swimwear Online |

Check this website out for the very best and latest designer underwear online…  This website is the answer to all your underwear needs, the unique designer collections guarantee style, comfort and fit with the additional bonus of FREE delivery in the UK. Prided on the best of customer service, and with any order placed before […]

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Fish Pedicure Treatments | Sole Spa Swindon

Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure Treatments are becoming one of the most popular natural treatments to use for the feet so I recently went along to Sole Spa Swindon (Swindons Premier Natural Fish Pedicure Spa) to checkout for myself what this treatment is all about. It is a natural treatment using Garra Rufa Fish to help […]

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Women Sexually Attracted to Red

We all know that men are attracted to women in red, but research at the University of Rochester  conducted a study to find out if like the animal world, the opposite is true…  The results published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that men dressed in red are overwhelmingly more sexually desireable to women […]

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Gym Targets Love Birds, Looking to Shape Up Before Their Wedding:

Martin Dilworth, owner of Dynamo Boxing developed the ‘Wedding Fitness Plan’ back in 2010 after training couples for years.  The fitness plan for lovebirds is designed to get couples in shape for their big day. Martin says “When people embark on a training regime its imperative they have goals and looking good at the altar […]

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