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Its Not Too Late – Exercise Can Increase Fitness Levels of The Older Generation

Its never too late…  According to scientists of the National Institute of Aging in the US, its not too late to start exercise and increase your fitness levels, even for those in their 60s.  The research found that an aerobic exercise programme for sedentary older people improves cardiovascular function regardless of prior physical conditioning. Age […]

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New Study Suggests Yoga Helps Ease Stress Related Medical and Psychological Conditions | March 2012

An article by researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), New York Medical College (NYMC), and the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons (CCPS) reviews evidence that yoga may be effective in treating patients with stress-related psychological and medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and cardiac disease. Their theory, which currently […]

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Elderly lead the way to the gym: A recent new group of customers have been flooding into the gyms across the UK, and ready to workout and keep fit and healthy.  They are far more interested in their health than posing around in lycra shorts. They are commonly referred to as the oldies, the old […]

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