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Elderly lead the way to the gym:

A recent new group of customers have been flooding into the gyms across the UK, and ready to workout and keep fit and healthy.  They are far more interested in their health than posing around in lycra shorts.

They are commonly referred to as the oldies, the old people, the OAPs, but don’t knock them, as they will show you a thing or two and put many of our youth to shame!

Health conscious older people are keen to develop the strength and bone mass to avoid bone fractures, walking frames and difficulties climbing the stairs.  They are mainly attracted to the low impact classes as well as CV (Cardio Vascular).

When entering into an exercise programme it is for anyone important to get good advice from a fitness professional, and there are issues to take into account as we get older.

Head Massage:

Indian head massage is a great way to relieve stress and depending on where you go will cost between £20 and £35 per 1hr session.  Many companies are even letting practitioners come into the office to offer head massage to their employees during their lunch break as they have seen the health benefits to their staff.

It came to Britain around 1995 when pioneer Narendra Metha, an osteopath who studied it in India and adapted it as a therapy for the stressed out.  Today the office can be one of the most stressful environments we spend our time and for many of us most of our day.  Mehta set up the London Centre of Indian Champissage in 1995 to train the art and now years later can be found in most Beauty Salons and Spas up and down the country.


Yakult was introduced to Japan in 1935 and over the years has spread across the world.

Why? Most people realise that you need a smooth running digestive system as part of a healthy lifestyle.  So by taking Yakult daily you can help maintain the good conditions in our intestine.

These friendly lactic acid bacteria in Yakult help preserve the natural balance between good and bad bacteria that occur naturally in our intestines.

What affects the balance? Stress, diet, antibiotics & of course aging process.

What does Yakult taste like? GREAT! I’ve been taking it regularly for several years now; it’s a delicious and refreshing shot.


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