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Standing Lateral Raise | Targets Outside head of the Deltoid, Front Deltoid, Rear Deltoid

Leaning slightly forward with the dumbbells together in front of your body at arm’s length. Start each repetition from a dead stop. Lift the dumbbells out and up to the sides turning your wrists slightly forwards and downwards like pouring a drink. Lift the dumbbells slightly higher than shoulder height, then lower them slowly under control, resisting against gravity on […]

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Military Press| Targets Front Deltoids, Side Deltoids

Doing this exercise seated makes for a stricter exercise than standing. From the seated position, hold the barbell with an over hand grip and hands out wide. Bring the bar up high on the chest and press the bar above the head, to straight arms with soft elbows. Under control, lower the bar to level […]

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Dumbbell Shrug | Targets Upper Trapezius

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, holding dumbbells at your sides with palms facing inwards. Shrug your shoulders towards your ears, pause for a second and lower to starting position.

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Dumbbell Upright Row | Targets Deltoids, Trapezius

With dumbbells in hand, with thumbs facing in by the hips, standing straight with feet shoulder width apart and keep core strong. Bend your elbows, lifting the upper arms up and out to the sides, pulling the dumbbells straight up until your upper arms are parallel to the floor, pause for a second and lower to the starting […]

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Arnold Press | Targets Deltoids

This has to be one of my favourite shoulder exercises and always found in my shoulder routine. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, elbows at your sides and knuckles facing forwards with dumbbells in hands, at shoulder height. Press the dumbbells up over your head, not quite locking out your elbows, at the same time rotate your hands, thumbs […]

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Behind The Neck Barbell Press | Targets Deltoids, Triceps

This exercise hits the front and side deltoids. This exercise can be done sitting or standing, but I preferred to do this exercise sitting on the bench. Seated, lift the bar over the head and rest on the back of the shoulders, behind your head. Press the bar up above the head and holding the bar with […]

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Machine Press | Targets Front Deltoids, Side Deltoids

Doing a machine press, helps you do a stricter movement, you can also bring the weight down lower than with free weights to give an extra stretch in the front      deltoids. Grasp the grips on the machine at shoulder level and press upwards until your arms are straight with soft elbows. Lower the arms back down slowly and […]

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Standing Barbell Shoulder Press | Targets Deltoids, Triceps, Lower Body

  The idea of this exercise is to load up a heavier weight than a seated shoulder press, to develop additional deltoid strength. Using a barbell, with an overhand grip (hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart), position the bar high on the chest. Bend your knees slightly, then quickly and explosively straighten your legs and press […]

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Dumbbell Shoulder Press | Targets Front Deltoids, Triceps, Lower Trapezius

Similar to the Barbell Press, but there is an important difference, this exercise give far greater range of motion. Sit on a bench with knees      shoulder width apart, sitting up straight, shoulders back chest out,      stomach in, keeping your core strong.       Raise dumbbells shoulder height and out to the side with palms […]

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