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Sweet Success – Sugar Tax is on its Way

Researchers at Oxford University say the sugar tax put in place by Government that will come into place a year from now will slash obesity among young children by 10%.  They predict that drinks manufacturers will respond by cutting sugar to minimise taxes.  Hopefully this will also cut cases of type 2 diabetes and improve […]

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Six Reasons Why You Should Drink Green Tea

Green tea doesn’t only taste good, it also has a number of health benefits. Here are 6 great reasons why I’ve incorporated this delicious drink in my diet and why you should too. 1. Boosting Your Metabolism Green tea contains properties that can help to increase your metabolism and burn fat in the short term.  This means that, together […]

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Womens Health – PMS The Natural Approach

Many women put up with mood swings, weight gain, bloating and tearfulness every month, not realising that these unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual syndrome can be managed with simple diet and lifestyle changes. Symptoms can be eased by eating more hormone-balancing foods such as: Whole Grains Nuts Seeds Legumes Fruit Vegetables And minimising hormone-disrupters such as: […]

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Eat For Your Heart – Make Change Today

Getting ready to make changes…  If you have coronary heart disease, your doctor may have already given you information about healthy eating and to eat well for your heart. You will also be able to find many articles on Heart Disease prevention nutrition and exercise articles.  Just check out key words in the search box. […]

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40% of Women Are Dieting Right Now – So Why Aren’t They All Slim?

40% of Women Are Dieting Right Now – So Why Aren’t They All Slim? It is estimated at least 15million people in the UK are dieting right now, including 40% of all women in the UK on some kind of diet at any one time.  Of those who diet, 95% will regain their weight and […]

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THE BIG BREAKFAST The most important meal of the day is often the most neglected meal of the day, BREAKFAST. Breakfast has huge implications on your energy levels later in the day… Here are some breakfast ideas… Cereal: 1 bowl of porridge, muesli, all bran or fruit n fibre for example.  Use semi-skimmed milk or […]

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FOOD CHOICES EAT LESS FAT: The three nutrient sources available through food and drink are carbohydrate, fat and protein.  Carbohydrate provides us with 3.75kcals of energy per gram, protein gives us 4kcals of energy per gram and fat will provide more calories than any other food source with 9kcals of energy per gram. The average […]

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FLUID – Facts

FLUID – Facts: The importance of drinking water… Most people do not drink enough water and may unknowingly suffer from effects of minor dehydration almost every day. Dehydration symptoms include feeling lethargic, fatigue, suffering from headaches or a lack of concentration. The best way to see if you are taking enough fluid is to check […]

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HOW MANY CALORIES DO WE BURN PER DAY? The human body has four ways of burning calories during the day: Basal Metabolism – calorie Consumption tied to work – Calorie consumption tied to digestion – Calorie Consumption tied to sports. 1: BASAL METABOLISM: This is what lets a person burn calories (basal) even while at […]

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How to Reduce Fat Intake

1: Cut off all visible fat from meat and poultry as well as skin. 2: Use low fat rather than full fat forms of natural yogurt, fromage frais, cottage cheese and quark.  (be aware to look though at the saturated content compared to the full fat version and sugar content, sometimes low fat products actually […]

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