How to Reduce Fat Intake

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P-healthyEating-enHD-AR11: Cut off all visible fat from meat and poultry as well as skin.

2: Use low fat rather than full fat forms of natural yogurt, fromage frais, cottage cheese and quark.  (be aware to look though at the saturated content compared to the full fat version and sugar content, sometimes low fat products actually have more sugar and saturated fat than the full fat version).

3: Try to avoid frying food and if you do, use Olive Oil.

4: Use skimmed of semi-skimmed milk.

5: Use sauces using cornflour as the thickener rather than butter and flour.  Add flavour by using herbs, spices.

6: Use low-fat healthier cooking methods such as grilling, and simmering rather than deep-frying.  The George Foreman Grilling Machine is a great piece of kit for the kitchen.

7: Use low fat salad dressings instead of high-fat salad creams and mayonnaise.  Make your own dressings, then you will know exactly what is going into the dressing.


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