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Spa Water Treatments

MINERAL WATER: In the early Victorian days, the use of mineral water became very popular and manly mineral baths were established.  The Romans, too were well aware of the relaxing nature of these baths and often built cities and large towns.  Throughout the world, natural mineral springs flow, making a very concentrated mixture of the […]

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Detoxing Safety Tips

Detoxing can create changes in your body, so it is generally advisable for people that of ill health should not embark on a detox without checking in with their doctor (GP). If you are new to detoxing, then its also advisable that you ease into detoxing gently, for example, slowly cutting down on beverages that […]

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Throughout history, detox has been a way of life, from Cleopatra in Egypt to native Africans ritually consuming concoctions of sulphur and herbs in order to cleanse to cleanse their body’s of toxins and parasites and to look youthful. So why should we rid our bodies of toxins? If it is so important, why is […]

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What Is Detox?

Introduction to Detox… Chemicals in our food, exhaust emissions, bacteria and viruses are contaminants that our bodies have to cope with on a daily basis.  have you ever wondered how they effect us?  Do you ever wake up in the morning still feeling tired and drowsy? Do you lack energy? Is your memory poor? Does […]

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2016 is just around the corner and most of us will be thinking about joining a gym, what diet to start and going out to buy a new pair of trainers… One thing that will help you off the mark will be to look after your skin with beauty products. Here is our 2016 Best […]

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Living With Feng Shui

Ive lived previously in a house that I set up with the principles of Feng Shui, and it did feel so much more relaxing than just putting furniture in with the only thought of does it fit and does it look ok there… Recently I saw a book about Feng Shui Living and a recent […]

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SOAPs | Home Spa

There are many different types of soap out there manufactured today, all of which offer uniqueproperties and are available in a myriad of shapes and finishes…  Soft, creamy bars and grainy handmade slabs with a roughhewn texture and finish, vividly coloured cubes and smooth, tactile pebbles.  Whether you stock glossy transparent blocks on a windowsill […]

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Great Looking Skin | Home Spa Tips

Skin Brushing Skin brushing improves the circulation and the lymph drainage, and also assists in eliminating toxins from the surface of the skin.  The lymphatic system is the body’s way of disposing of waste and toxins.  Lymph does not have a pump to drive it around the body; instead it is powered by the movement […]

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Bathing and Bodycare

Your bathroom should be more than simply a room where you wash yourself and get ready for work and going out, your bathroom should be the ultimate sanctuary in your home where you can pamper yourself, hidden away from the rat race of life. Bathing can be a pure hedonism, with its ritualistic pleasures of […]

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The home is where we can close the door on the world and enter our own personal comfort zone, so how do you turn your home into your own personal spa? Nature has given us a world of herbs, plants and flowers that can make a real difference to our physical and emotional wellbeing.  Time […]

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