Detoxing Safety Tips

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Water-Should-I-DrinkDetoxing can create changes in your body, so it is generally advisable for people that of ill health should not embark on a detox without checking in with their doctor (GP).

If you are new to detoxing, then its also advisable that you ease into detoxing gently, for example, slowly cutting down on beverages that are high in caffeine content such as tea, coffee, cola and energy drinks such as Redbull and eating more fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of water and fresh fruit juice.

It is not recommended to detox without checking in with your GP if you are the following:

  • Diabetic
  • On prescription medication
  • Being treated for a serious illness
  • Pregnant

Although your GP will usually recommend a healthy eating plan, remember detoxing can be intense and extreme, so caution is advised.

Generally making small changes to your diet is beneficial to your health.  Try to include detox ideas into your daily life bit by bit.  Drink more water & try drinking hot water with lemon juice first thing each morning.


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