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Skin Brushing

Skin brushing improves the circulation and the lymph drainage, and also assists in eliminating toxins from the surface of the skin.  The lymphatic system is the body’s way of disposing of waste and toxins.  Lymph does not have a pump to drive it around the body; instead it is powered by the movement of muscles and can also be stimulated by brushing the skin.

This technique has increasingly been incorporated into spas around the worldwide as another therapy on offer to make your skin look great.  Using a brush with natural bristles, brush your skin once a day before you step into the bath or shower, start on the soles of your feet and work upwards, always brushing towards to your heart to encourage the blood flow in this direction.  Having this treatment at a spa, you will find the beauty therapist will use the brush rather briskly as they brush your body and it can take your breath away.

Brush yourself as firmly as feels comfortable, after a few days your skin will become accustomed to the sensation and you will be able to increase the pressure little by little.  You can very gently brush your face as well as your body.

*Wash the brush regularly with soapy water and hang it up to allow it to dry.

*Avoid skin brushing if you are unwell, if you have a skin disorder or very sensitive skin.


Natural sponges provide a gentle, soothing way of cleansing the skin.  Ideally they should be…

  • Ecologically harvested from the ocean
  • Washed in sea water
  • Soaked to remove any impurities
  • Then cleaned and dried in the sun

They are suitable for all skin types, including children.

Skin Buffers:

You can use an exfoliating mitt to stimulate the circulation exfoliate dead skin cells when you are in the bath or shower.  Use either long, sweeping stokes or small circular movements (careful not to apply too much pressure).


To give your skin that extra energizing tingle, slough away the surface layer of dead cells that make your skin look dull using a moisturizing foaming scrub that contains micro-particles and essential oils.  Apply with an exfoliating mitt for extra polishing power or simply massage it over your face and body with your hands and then rinse.

Do this once per week for a radiant complexion.

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