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the-importance-of-DETOXThroughout history, detox has been a way of life, from Cleopatra in Egypt to native Africans ritually consuming concoctions of sulphur and herbs in order to cleanse to cleanse their body’s of toxins and parasites and to look youthful.

So why should we rid our bodies of toxins? If it is so important, why is it that whose who don’t, don’t seem to suffer?  To answer this, it has been proven that our bodies can run on processed modified foods.  But at what expense? Our bodies are like fine tuned engines, feed them with pure fuel and we get the optimum performance, feed them with cheaper, less beneficial alternative and they will under perform.

So it is clear why we should make it habit to regularly detox.  We shouldn’t be satisfied  with tiredness and depression being just one of those things.

Medical research has shown a correlation between the rise in asthma and cancer with the rise in pollution.  The findings out there in the public domain, so what can we do?

Airborne pollution is inescapable, so what options do we have?  These toxins can be expelled from our bodies providing our bodies are nutritionally fueled to the optimum.

A well-fueled body, not only creates the optimum physical benefits, but also provides us with a healthier state of mind.  Who hasn’t heard of the old saying ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’?  But who believes this?  Chemicals that we ingest have been linked with the promotion of depression.  An excess of aluminum, for example, has been suggested as a factor in the cause of Alzheimer’s.  So perhaps it is time to reassess our diet and realise the implications of what we ingest.

So finally, why should we detox? It is simply because the benefits of detox, although often small, are nonetheless significant.  Physically, we can come home from work and get on with those niggling jobs that we all put off.  Detox can also help combat depression and help us become more focused.  Perhaps most importantly, a revitalised immune system will allow us to lead a healthier life.


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