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Yoga has increased in popularity over recent years and its health-giving benefits are supported by conventional and alternative health practitioners.

There are five main forms of yoga:

  • Physical Yoga (called Hatha yoga)

And four mental forms of yoga…

  • Bhakti yoga (for emotions)
  • Gyana yoga (for wisdom)
  • Raja yoga (for meditation)
  • Karma yoga (for actions)

For maximum benefit, these should all be practised together, but people usually start with Hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga is a series of postures that train and discipline the body and mind.  It exercises the organs, nerves and glands in the body and also tones the muscles which are gently stretched, creating greater flexibility.  Circulation is improved and fat is eliminated, so it is a good way to control weight as part of an all round fitness and nutritional programme.

It also teaches breathing control, which is important for health and also meditative postures to counteract a stressful lifestyle.

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