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Yoga has increased in popularity over recent years and its health-giving benefits are supported by conventional and alternative health practitioners. There are five main forms of yoga: Physical Yoga (called Hatha yoga) And four mental forms of yoga… Bhakti yoga (for emotions) Gyana yoga (for wisdom) Raja yoga (for meditation) Karma yoga (for actions) For […]

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Introduction to FITNESS Pilates

Pilates is an exercise technique that was invented for injured dancers nearly a century ago by gymnast Joseph Pilates.  There are many forms of Pilates around today, all based on the original principles. Fitness Pilates is a training option that focuses on the body as a human kinetic chain. By applying the fundamental Pilates technique […]

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Special Yoga Classes Aimed at Breast Cancer Survivors Improves Recovery | Aug 2010

With Yoga getting the celeb endorsement recently with a surge of celebs being seen going in and out of Yoga Classes such as Russell Brand, I thought Id look a little more into Yoga and its benefits and its been suprising some of the research that Ive found… University of Alberta research fellow Amy Speed-Andrews […]

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Meditation Fit For A Marine

Recent experiments with the US Military confirm the benefits of Mindfulness. Back in the summer of 2008, Marine Corps Base at Quantico, Virginia, a group of reservists were preparing for a tour in Iraq.  Twelve hour days of weapons qualifications, counterinsurgency training and last but not least, silence, yes you read right, silence…  Marines sitting […]

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Is the Yoga Class the new place to find love?

Well recently Russell Brand has been linked with new girl Oriela Medelin Amieiro, a 25yr old Mexican painter who sells her art online for up to £4,500 each.  The Beauty was seen slipping back to her apartment after staying at comedian Russell’s pad earlier in the week. Russell, who in December filed for divorce from […]

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