HEALTHY ICECREAM | God has Answered my Prayers!

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Its true, this icecream really is healthy and even though it has no fat, no added sugar, 100% natural and free from artificial sweeteners.  But I know what you are going to say! It will taste horible, but WRONG – This icecream tastes as good as any top brand in the supermarket, comes in variety of flavours and I have to say I love it.

Check out their short video above:

The Company is WHEY HEY Icecream, I met them at Leisure Industry Week back in 2011 and was so impressed with the product Ive used it since, I love Icecream like the next person and now Ive found a truely healthy option.

But dont take my word for it – check the video out, log onto their website and find out where you can get your Healthy Icecream





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