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 Looking forward to this event, Ive heard a lot about the presenter of this event and he has good pedigree!  looking after many of the FTSE 100 Companies and even confering with government.  This is a seminar that you dont want to miss!

Last Chance

To book on to our ever popular 21st Century Stress Survival Boot Camp to be held on the 12th of May


Is Your 24/7 Life Stressing You Out?

Need A Cure For Stress, And Need It Snappy?

Stress is a big problem for most people, but modern life is ratcheting up the pressure. In the 21st Century, you live in an always-on, 24/7, 365 day a year culture. You are expected to work faster, longer and be available whenever anyone wants to interrupt. You’ve suddenly got more demands on you than ever before and are always available, always ‘on call’.

Busy executives and managers are feeling the pressure big time and instead of being at the top of your game, you’re feeling a bit ragged around the edges.


Recognise your day here?

  • Your alarm jolts you awake, but you want another hour in bed
  • You grab breakfast and eat it on the run
  • People invade your space. On public transport, they jostle you. If you’re driving, someone cuts you up
  • At work, you find it hard to concentrate on one thing at a time with interruptions from email, messaging, texts, calls or visitors
  • Your boss hints cutbacks means everyone needs to work harder
  • You stop at a cafe for lunch and start checking messages as you eat
  • You spill lunch on your lap. You tweet for stain removal hints and spend the afternoon scanning replies
  • You can’t even disappear for an hour as you know your phone is transmitting your physical location to your friends
  • Perhaps you go for a drink after work and get a takeaway
  • Or maybe you say no to a social life because you’re exhausted
  • Getting home you’re still processing your day, and you have little energy for personal goals or targets like going to the gym or sorting out your finances
  • Yet you still find time to tell everyone on Facebook how your day went, plus spend a good hour reading about other people’s lives when you should be going to bed.

Warning! 21st Century life is having a big impact on your health:

The human body is not designed to cope with that hi-octane level of stress, day after day. Pressure like that wears down your nerves, your body and your brain. If you fail to take action, it will cause you serious health problems.

Well here’s the solution:

21st Century Stress Survival Bootcamp!

This one-day workshop teaches you everything you need to know about surviving your 24/7 life. It’s led by a world class expert in stress management – Neil Shah, Director of the Stress Management Society – who has travelled all over the world teaching stress management to everyone from school children to multi-millionaires.

Neil is frequently interviewed about stress in the media including the BBC and The Guardian to Mens Health and Top Sante magazines. He consults with top FTSE100 companies and the UK government on stress and mental health. He now wants to help YOU fix your 21st century stress problem.

21st Century Stress Survival Bootcamp Will help you to:


  • learn to spot your personal stress triggers
  • The truth about relaxation (are you doing it wrong?)
  • 5 guerrilla techniques that halt stress in its tracks



  • Self-hypnosis, the easy way to your goals
  • discover the magnet mindset that attracts opportunity
  • fail-safe ways to get 100% out of your day



A £247 ticket is available to you for just £97 and take action now and bring a friend for FREE!


FREE Ticket for your friend
FREE Copy of NLP: A Practical Guide by Neil Shah

FREE Rescue Remedy Pastilles

FREE Stress Squeezer

FREE Online Stress Coaching Tool

FREE Online relaxation programme



S at u rd ay




Not happy on the day?Tellus by lunchtime and get a refund.

Dates: Saturday May 12th 2012

Location: Thistle by Kingsley,                      Bloomsbury Way
London WC1A 2SD


For more information please contact:  info@stress.org.uk
                                     0203 142 8650


Book a place at: http://21centurybootcamp.eventbrite.com/

Love Life and Smile





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