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I was contacted by Goody GOOD STUFF back in March 2012 to see if Id like to trial their products and let them know what I thought so here are my thoughts, what I think of their products and a little comparison to a couple of the top selling energy sweets on the market here in the UK.

They have 8 different products in their range including:

Strawberry Cream | Sour Fruit Salad | Tropical Fruit | Sour Mix & Match | Cherry Cherries | Summer Peaches | Koala Gummy Bears | Cola Breeze

So a great mix of flavours to suit all…  Running Ultra Marathons like I do, you want to carry energy on you, variety for me is helpful so not to have to have the same old thing every time you go out for a run.

Some of the energy sweets Ive tried in the past are too sweet and sickly, which out on a long run isnt great so what I found great with Goody GOOD STUFF was that they not only gave the energy needed but also tasted great too.  My favourite was the Strawberry Cream and Tropical Fruit.

For the vegitarian, these are perfect, they are made with all natural ingredients too where many of the other energy sweets contain artificial colouring and plenty of E Numbers.

These sweets are truely naturally delicious…

Quick Facts:

Fat Free | Meat Free | Alcohol Free | GMO Free | Soy Free | Dairy Free | Gelatine Free | Wheat Free | Nut Free | Egg Free | Gluten Free | Cassein Free | Lactose Free | Tree Nut Free | Halal | Kosher

With the XNRG SAS Challenge only a couple of weeks away on the Brecon Beacons I know what Im packing into by Pack for a bit of extra energy.




KJ/Kcals   per 100g








Great taste, very palatable, great   variety

Clif Bar Shots Bloks




Great taste but full of E Numbers

Sport Beans




Very sugary taste but comes out top on   kcals.

Best for Energy per 100g is Sport Beans but if you want a nice tasting sweet that gives plenty of energy, that doesnt taste sickly and is free from artificial colours and flavouring you have to go for Goody GOOD STUFF!


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  1. Alex says:

    Yiu have to try ours, Mike. They’ll be out soon, but get in touch. Cheers.

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