1928 Amsterdam Olympics

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Amsterdam had bid for the Olympics in both 1920 and 1924 and missed out both times, so it was third time lucky in 1928.  The Games ran from 17th May to 12th August, although the Opening Ceremony wasnt held until 28th July.

The total cost of the event was estimated at: US$ 1.183 million.


the 1928 Games was held at the Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam and had a capacity of 31,600.

The Opening ceremony & New Traditions:

The Games was officially opened by Prince Hendrik, this was the first time a head of state had not opened the Olympics.  Apparently she did not approve of the Games and thought it was a Pagan Festival.

At the start of the Opening Ceremony a flame was lit in a cauldron placed at the top of a tower in the stadium, designed by a well known Dutch Architech called Jan Wils.

It remained lit throughout the Games.  There was no torch relay, but this was the first lighting of a symbolic flame that has become symbolic of the Games ever since.

Another first for the Olympics was the Greek Team leading a Parade of Nations while the Dutch host team marched in last.  This has become protocol and has been they way the Parade of Nations has been done.  Lead each time by the Greek Team and with the host nation entering last.


  • Coca Cola appeared for the first time at the 1928 Olympics as a sponsor.  Coca Cola also became the first Olympic Official Sponsor.
  • Asia won its first Gold Medal
  • The 400m track length that we know today became the standard track distance for the first time.
  • The Indian field Hockey Team won Gold 6times from 1928 to 1956

The Medal Ranksings:

Again Team USA won, but this time the medals table became much, much closer.  No longer was the Olympics a one horse race, Team USA only won 12 more Golds than second place Germany that had been accepted back into the Olympics after its ban after World War I

  • 1st: Team USA Total Medal Score: 56
  • 2nd: Germany Total Medical Score: 31
  • 3rd: Cuba Total Medical Score: 25

Great Britain came 6th with 15 medals


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