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TERRA PLANA | VIVO Barefoot Shoe is said to be the origional Barefoot Shoe on the market.

There are 200,000 nerve endings, 28 bones, 19 major muscles, 33 joint centre and 17 ligaments in the foot.  Barefoot running is said to be best for us – Ive personally never barefoot ran in my life and have alway been under the impression myself that for someone like me to have flat feet I need a very supportive shoe.

Barefoot diehards will say different, Im here to listen and will be trying out a number of barefoot shoes to see what the hype is about, is it hype or is it fact? And should we all be looking to change to Barefoot Running?

The Benefits of Barefoot Running (by Vivo Barefoot):


While naturally strengthening the muscles in your feet, you are also exercising calves, thinghs, gluts, the lower back, and abdomen, increasing your core strength.


As our posture naturally improves, we lessen impact on our knees and hips.


By increasing sensation to all 200,000 nerve endings in your feet, you enhance sensory perception and improve circulation.


The VIVO BAREFOOT patented, puncture resistant sole allows all the benefits of barefoot with all the protection of normal shoes.

By Mike Buss

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  1. Bruno says:

    I love the Vivo Barefoot shoes and barefoot running as a whole. Running has become really fun again.

  2. Ben says:

    Love the barefoot running but still can’t manage anything over about 5 miles. Anything more and my calfs are in bits the next day!
    Was running in Vibram Five Fingers.. They really are barefoot but you will get the odd looks! Also found for trail running they didn’t offer enough protection. Great for CrossFit though.
    Now use Merrell Barefoot. Great for road and off road and they look great too. They have become my everyday shoe!
    Will try the Vivo when the Merrells give up. Now just got to man up to some serious distance!

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