Get Training with the ultimate fitness programme in town!

Army Fitness Training normally used by the British Armed Forces is now available in a park near you – See why The British Army is known as the Best and Fittest Army in the World.

Mike set up BOOTCAMPfit after seeing a gap in the fitness market, he was continuously hearing normal fitness classes werent working, even personal trainers were failing and gyms have failed members for years.

So Mike looked at what military fitness styled training was already out there and decided that it was still too tame.

People want and deserve results! So BOOTCAMPfit was born.

Mike a former Army Physical Training Instructor who served 10yrs in the British Army has seen operational service and has had to train personnel both in peacetime and on operational duties as well as deal with recruits and potential recruits and get them FIT TO FIGHT.

Now you can benefit from this style of training, its tough! But progressive and with monthly fitness tests you will see how well you are improving.

BOOTCAMPfit sessions are appearing in parks across the country, so checkout a park near you…

For more details – call: 07791 356 482



We also have BOOTCAMPfit website to give even more information on what Bootcamp training is all about and the advenurous events we also get up to, Website:

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