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  • SHE EATS A STAGGERING 6000 Calories a Day
  • SHE COSTS THE TAX PAYER £700 A Week in Benefits
  • 5 Years ago she was 48stone
  • She has not been out for 4yrs.

Brenda Flanagan has not been out of the house for 4yrs and spends all day in a reinforced bed listening to the radio and orders groceries online.  She eats 6000cals a day, only 1000cals less than a female should eat in a week!

The only exercise she does, if you can call it exercise is the 20ft walk she has to do from her bed to the wetroom that has been specially developed to allow her to wash, but the walk leaves her exhausted.

Brenda says that food is an addictionand that she just cant fight it.  She spends £100 a week on take-a-ways and about £250 a week on food.

Brenda has 25 1/2hrs of carers dedicated to her costing her local council £400 a week.


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