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Recently reading the Daily Star with some of its features about the Olympics, I came across an article about WHOS PUT GREAT INTO GREAT BRITAIN?

Reading this I was slightly amused by someof the suggestions, and gave the thumbs up to others.

So what is the answer to this big debate going on in pubs up and down the country? Who is the greatest Athlete/Sports Person of Great Britain?

We’ve Recently seen Bradley Wiggins win the Tour de France, becoming the first Brit to ever do so! As well as this he is an Olympic Gold Medalist – A great contender by many, but although winning one of the toughest sporting challenges in the world, does this really make him the greatest British Athlete of all time? Personally I dont think so, maybe if he goes back and wins again and win tours around the globe like Lance Armstrong then maybe we can but one Yellow Jersey doesnt make you the greatest in my book.

Others in the list are Steve Redgrave, now this is an athlete definitly in my top 5 Greatest British Athletes with a staggering 7 Gold Medals for rowing, a sport that has shown many of the biggest lungs in sport come from this sport.

Bobby Moore, who won 108 caps and played for West Ham & Fulham, Ian Botham, one of our greatest cricketers of all time, Daley Thompson, one of my favorite athletes of all time, a decathlete who won Gold at the 1980 & 1984 Olympics and broke the world record 4 times!

Then there is David Beckham who has also been placed in this list, my favourite footballer, he’s captained England, played for the best teams in the world, including Man Utd & Real Madrid, and earnt an amazing 115 Caps for England.  He is probably the most iconic footballer of all time.

But then they put names like Phil Taylor, yes a great darts player but its still a pub sport, remembered for its days of smokey rooms and a beer in one hand whilst throwing a dart in the other at world class events, oh and full of beer bellies.  Can you really put Phil Taylor up against the likes of Daley Thompson and Steve Redgrave?  I dont really think so.

Also in the list was Virginia Wade, tennis player, the last Brit to win a Wimbledon Title in 1977, and a 3times Grand Slam winner.  There was Nick Faldo, possibly our best ever golfing export, Fred Perry, the last British Male to win Wimbledon.

So who is our greatest British Athlete/Sports Person???
My Top 5

  • Linford Christie
  • David Beckham
  • Steve Redgrave
  • Daley Thompson
  • Sebastian Coe

Not in any particulat order as Im still not sure who is our greatest.


What do you think???

By Mike Buss

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