Countdown to Race Day…

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Four Weeks to go…
You should already have been to a running specialist store to select the correct styled of shoes for your running by having a gait analysis.  You should have already have worn the shoes in to prevent any discomfort and blisters. My recomendation if close enough is The Big Adventure Store in Swindon, Wiltshire

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Your nutrition strategy should also be sorted by this point; you need to know what you are comfortable with for your meal the night before and your breakfast for the morning of the race.  Pasta Parties are well known for the night before big marathons and a good reason to do this yourself, a great pre-race evening meal would be Tuna Pasta Bake, it has plenty of carbs in the pasta and cheese and gives a great source of protein and Omega 3 from the Tuna.

Your use of supplements such as gels and energy drinks should also be well practiced, many first time runners who have never tried these products before get to race day and of course take these at the organised stations and find they become ill from.  These drinks can be quite strong in taste and the gels can if not tried prior upset your stomach if you are not used to such products.  My suggestion is try out various brands of gels that you may want to use and go with the one that works for you, but I would also suggest that you try the brand that is the official provider to the marathon you are running as these will be the only ones on offer apart from the ones you may decide to carry.
• Finalise your nutrition and hydration strategy – make sure you can tolerate any gels or sports drinks you intend to use on race day.
• Try to cut out alcohol for the last month. Your body will function better if your liver doesn’t have to process alcohol.

2 weeks to go….
• Start reducing your volume of training to ensure you’re rested and  refreshed for race day. Eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water – at least two litres a day and more when you’re training.

  • 1 week to go….
    You should have tapered down your training runs and all your long runs should be over run on Monday and Wednesday and finally on Friday just take a gentle 4mile jog and walk.
  • Everything should be sorted, you know what energy drinks and gels work best for you, your running shoes are broken in, you know timings for race day and where you need to be.

One day to go…..
• Lay out your race kit, and get an early night. Carry a water bottle all day and take on regular water throughout the day.
• Have a healthy carbohydrate-based meal at least two hours before bed – make sure it’s something you’ve tried, my favourite is Tuna Pasta Bake, this has a great source of both carbs from pasta and protein from the Tuna. Don’t worry if you can’t sleep, just relax.

Race Day morning…
• Eat a tried and tested breakfast at least two hours prior to the start. Take sips of water or sports drink right up until the race starts. If you know you can stomach it, try eating half a banana or energy bar 30 minutes before the start so your energy stocks are full!
• Drink little and often throughout the race and don’t forget your gels if you’ve been practising with them.

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By Mike Buss.

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