Do You Get Enough???

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Are you getting enough Vitamins and Minerals in your daily diet? Surveys suggest probably not…  But what is enough? It is still up for debate by the foremost experts in this field, but most countries have come up with RDAs (Recomended Daily Amounts) which show you how much you should be aiming for at the very least.

Vitamins & Minerals are vital to our good health, for example, Vitamin C is needed to prevent serious illness and too little Vitamin C will result in scurvy, a life-threatening illness that used to kill many sailors at sea. Vitamin C can be found in fresh fruit such as Guava, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, cantaloupe, papaya, pineapple and mangos.  Also Vegetables you can find Vitamin C in are raw red sweet pepper, raw green sweet pepper, brussel sprouts, broccoli, sweet potatoes and cauliflower.


The RDAs of vitamins and minerals are varied depending on which country you are in and vary widely between countries.  Here in the UK we fall short of RDAs in other countries such as the USA whos RDAs are a 1/3 higher than those in the UK.

So who is right? The truthful answer is no one really knows, nutrition research has come along way over the years and the goal posts are constantly changing, however one thing is clear.  Taken in sufficient quantities, some vitamins and minerals help to prevent disease and help maximise our well-being.


By Mike Buss

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