Dwain Chambers Under Fire…

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So should Dwain Chambers be allowed his place at the Olympics???  With his lifetime ban lifted earlier this year in time to qualify for the Team GB Squad, Dwain has been under fire from another Olympian Denise Lewis who believes that he does not deserve his place and a second chance to race clean of performance drugs.

Denise Lewis, now a BBC Sports Pundit has made her opinion about Dwain clear and very public.

I think he should get a second chance, the ban has been lifted, so if he stays clean from now on then good luck to him and hope he has learnt the cheating is not the way to win.

By Mike Buss.

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  1. Tom says:

    I don’t think he should be there. When he cheated the rules were: If you are caught, you are banned for life. He knew this, and cheated anyway.
    I don’t understand why the BOA has had to become more lenient towards cheaters, to fall back in line with other countries: Our way was more strict, and enabled more of the precious “olympic spirit”.
    I for one, certainly won’t be celebrating or cheering him on in the very faint chance he gets a medal. He is not representing my country IMO.

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