FIT2PUSH | For Mums

Fitness Sessions for Mums With Young Children

Enjoy a social environment with other mums
Babies welcome – They are the best tool to get you fit!
Of Course Get Fit & Have FUN!!!

FIT2Push is a fitness class which has been developed by mikebuss one of the Countries leading Personal Trainers.

Classes in your area:

Coming Soon

£1 per session
EACH SESSION will last for approx 1hr


Meet @ Faringdon Road Park – Next to TA Centre

Mondays: 10am to 11am

Wednesdays: 10am to 11am


£1 per session

EACH SESSION will last for approx 1hr


Coming soon


£1 per session

EACH SESSION will last for approx 1hr


When can I start?
You can join Fit2Push as soon as you’ve had your GP check (about 6 weeks, after giving birth).  All you need is you, a buggy (any type), your baby and water.

What should I wear?
You should wear what ever you feel comfortable in to work out outside.  FIT2Push is done in most weather conditions from Spring through to end of Summer.

Things to bring should be:
Waterproofs, hat, gloves, rain cover etc.
Summer hat, sun block for you and baby!
Good trainers or walking shoes
Good fitting sports bra.

IMPORTANT – Please bring to sessions:
Completed Health Exercise Questionnaire
Drink for mummy and baby
Rain cover/shade
Sun cream for mummy and baby
‘Wet Wipes’ – for sticky fingers and faces
Snack for baby/toddler
Toys/books for toddler

Feed baby before coming to class, this means that baby wont be hungry and you can get an hour for YOU.  If you’re breastfeeding this also ensures you are more comfortable to exercise.

What if it rains?
Fit2Push classes run in all weathers as long as it isn’t too cold for baby so come prepared.

Although you may get warm, your baby/toddler is not exercising, so remember a blanket for the cold days.

Are Fit2Push Instructors fully qualified?
Yes, all our instructors are fully qualified and personally vetted by Mike himself to ensure you have a safe workout that will be effective for your fitness goals and get results fast!

For more details about classes, call: 07791 356 482 or email: