FITswindon Foundation

The FITswindon Foundation has been set up to combat the ever increasing health issues in Swindon.

Did you know that Swindon has been found to be the fattest town in the South West of England, yet we have more gyms for square mile than any town in the UK?

  • A 1/3 of children under the age of 14yrs are now classed as over weight.
  • 1/4 of children under the age of 14yrs are now classed as Obese

With the onset of obesity in the UK set to hit 60% Obese adults by 2050, we feel that now is the time to kick obesity and other health issues out of Swindon.

There are many health fads and diets out there and none of them work, they are short term gymics designed to take your money.

FITswindon is about initiatives for Swindon to help raise money and awareness to help Swindon to a healthy future.

In 2014 I researched the level of obesity in my home town of Swindon, I found that Swindon was not only the fattest town in Wiltshire, but the whole of the South West of England, even though it has more more gyms per square mile than any town in the UK.  The research came from several sources, from the NHS, Local Government and Public Health England, along with surveys I carried out personally in Swindon over a 3yr period starting back in 2011.

Public England findings in 2014 had Swindon’s population at 70.40% were over weight and 27 in the highest towns for being over weight in the UK.  This figure was 10% higher than anywhere in Wiltshire and 6.40% higher than the average for England.

People with a BMI greater than 25 have an increased risk of developing type two diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers costing the NHS over £5bn each year and rising.  Being obese can also affect self-esteem and have a very negative effect on mental health.

Public Health England and many other organisations have been tackling the obesity epidemic for years and the problem seems to only be getting worse.  Everyone, Corporate business, local government, teachers, parents, everyone need to step up and take a look at this very real problem.  Education and a real want to tackle this is needed.

A Public Health England survey in 2015 showed that the percentage of people living in Swindon who are over weight or obese has risen to 70.80%.  In Swindon during 2016 and the beginning of 2017, there have been 3 more gyms open up in a town that still has more gyms per square mile than any town in the UK and yet the health of our town is getting worse.

Its not only weight issues attacking the health of Swindon, in 2015 Swindon was found to be the 3rd highest town in the region for the percentage of adult smokers rising from 17.8% in 2014 to 18.7% in 2015, this is an estimated 32,500 smokers in Swindon with an average of 300 dying from smoking related illnesses each year.

To make a difference, everyone needs to take responsibility for their lives.  Make positive changes today and help Swindon get healthy.


By Mike Buss.

(Updated January 2017)