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Your body is composed entirely from molecules derived from food.  In a lifetime you will eat 100tons of food which is broken down by enzyme-rich secretions in the digestive tract produced at a rate of 10ltrs per day.  Macronutrients (Fat, Protein & Carbohydrate) and Micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals) are absorbed through the digestive tract, whose health and integrity depends on what you eat.

Your nutritional intake determines, to a substantial extent, your capacity to adapt and maintain good health.  Biomechanical imbalances resulting from sub-optimum nutrition experienced over generations are recorded and expressed genetically as strengths and weaknesses of specific body processes.

Your genes express themselves in your environment (food, air, water, and so on).  If your environment is nourishing, you have a greater resistance to disease and are more likely to experience good health and vitality.


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