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IMG_0430After a long winter of getting back on top of my game, I also decided to join the Highworth Tennis Club Committee in view to help promote the club and increase its membership.

My game improves due to getting some group coaching sessions, I’m now playing about 10hrs of tennis per week.

Februry brings back an old shoulder injury from my running days, and to make it worse it’s my left shoulder and I just happen to be left handed.  It’s now very painful to serve.

Now relying on my compression tops from XBIONIC who were one of my sponsors in my running days. Without being able to afford regular sports therapy and not wanting to drop my practice sessions, the use of compression tops are a great way to keep playing.

IMG_0428The XBIONIC Xsocks are also great and I’ve started using these now after feeling my age playing so many hours a week on hard courts, again the compression attribute of these socks really help with keeping me on the court playing regularly and help with recovery.

Check out my kit review on the XBIONIC Xsocks.

XBIONIC is the best compression on the market, I’ve tried them all, I bought their gear before I was sponsored by them and I wouldn’t change – I will always use XBIONIC

Its now time to get prepared for competetive tennis for the first time in nearly 18yrs, hope the shoulder doesn’t hold me back!

Luckily I linked up with FKPRO, a suspension training brand that by far is the best on the market and even tops TRX – as well as having an awesome product the team are very into providing professional suspension training, including rehab training.


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