Hearing Loss & Wireless Technology

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imageConnecting to your TV:

If you are having difficulty in hearing the TV, especially if there is noise around you like people talking, then wireless technology can help you.

In most instances, a small box or streamer is attached to the TV and this sends the sound wirelessly either direct to the hearing aids or via a controller (which usually has the ability to control the volume too).  Some products also have the ability to turn off the hearing aids microphones, which means you would only hear the sound streamed from the TV and not the sounds from around you.

These also work well with other audio sources, such as a stereo or personal music player.

Connecting to Your Phone:

Hearing on the phone can be difficult sometimes, more so if you are out and about where there is lots of surrounding noise.  With wireless technology, a small remote control can take the sound from the Bluetooth compatible phone and send it to the hearing aids.  These controllers can also act as the microphone, making them ideal for use in a handsfree situation, such as when you are driving.

Like the TV wireless products, some controllers are available that switch off the hearing aid microphones so allowing you to hear better even if in a noisy environment, such as a pub or restaurant.

some manufacturers also have wireless products that can help you hear better on a landline phone.

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