Mike takes part in latest Union Flag Walk with ‘Veterans in Action’

| 26/01/2012 More

May, saw Mike take part in the Veterans in Action Charity Union Flag Walk from Dover to Cape Wrath in the far north of Scotland, over a 1000mile trek using only natioal trail paths across some of the most stunning and yet some of the most challenging trails in the UK…  Mike was asked to jon the trek by founder of the Veterans in Action Charity Billy McCloud, and so Mike joined the team in Dover which was made up of many other veterans who had served in conflicts including N.Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.

The walks are designed to not only give a great experience missed by veterans who are used to adventureous lifestyles but many of the members of the team suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the working togeher on the trek helps the team members cope with their PTSD.

The walk was however cut short after reaching Scotland and heading past Edinbrugh and into the Highlands and lochs near Fort William, some of the worst weather to hit the UK hit the team on the hills, with trees literally being ripped out of the ground only metres from Mike and his team with horizontal rain and winds of around 100mph.

The team decided that for safety, the trek needed to be cancelled, as well as this the tents had also been destroyed by the weather leaving the team with no shelter.

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