HEROES HIGHWAY to Number 10 Downing Street, Sept 17th…

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 On the 17th September 2011, Mike set off on his Heroes Highway Run in support of a petition that had gained over 10,000 signatures wanting the repatriation route renamed the Heroes Highway like many other countries have already done such as Canada & the USA.

Mikes run started from RAF Lynham taking him over 100miles to Number 10 Downing Street via John Radcliff Hospital in Oxford.  The run started early morning at the main gates of RAF Lynham and took only 27hrs to complete, knocking on the door of Number 10 middle of the morning on the 18th Sept to hand in the petition.

It was then off to Parliment to meet with MPs from his home town of Swindon for lunch and a VIP tour of Parliment before relaxing in the back seat of his Johnson Cars Sponsored support vehicle back to Swindon to look towards his next challenge…




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