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Many of us now have seen for a few years that suspension training has helped really boost our fitness goals and as trainers really added much more depth into functional training with our clients.

TRX have been seen as the leaders and the first real suspension training device, but here we will look at whats on the market, compare them and see whats best and whats best value for money.

We will be looking at of course the TRX, but also the Jungle Gym XT & MiloKit.

Jungle Gym XT:

Cost: £98.35

This is a great and versitile piece of kit, just like all suspension equipment on the market, but what sets this apart from the rest firstly is the cost, at just under £100 you cant beat it for value for money.

But being so cheap, does this mean it looses out on quality? No, definitly not! Firstly the split design does more and is therefore more versitile than the traditional suspension cables that use the V-Shape.  So you can do ring moves, neutral movements and adjust it back to traditional V-Shape movement.

The hand/foot cradles are easy to get your feet into and very durable and easy to clean after outdoor use.  The straps are not as strong as the TRX or MiloKit, but we have used the Jungle Gym XT at the mikebussPT Fitness Centre for several months with clients of all sizes, from petite size 6 girls to 18+ stone guys and have had no issues with it.

It is definitly the best buy for the Personal Trainer who wants and on the go portable gym on their back and who is tight on buget or is starting out.

The Jungle Gym is also perfect for commersial use in heavily used gyms.

  • Final thought: BEST BUY for Personal Trainers at just under £100 and comes with a great accessory pack including – Instructional DVD, Exercise Wall Chart.
  • mikebussPT Star Rating: 4/5

Available from: Jordan Fitness – – 01945 880257



Cost: £199 (official supplier –

The TRX, you cant knock it! its considered by many as the Rolls Royce of Suspension Training, its a brand in its own right, when we talk about suspension training, we say “I did a TRX workout today”.  The TRX Pro which is by far the best option for Personal Trainers and gyms alike comes with an accessories pack including instructional DVD etc just like the others in this review and again like all suspension training systems, TRX is hugely versitile.

The only down point to the TRX would be the V-Shape ancorage, limiting you to these movements, not giving you the versatility of the other two on review here, so you cant do ring movements etc.  The other down side to it is cost.  At £199, its not cheap, although more stronger than the Jungle Gym and more durable, its still a hefty cost to pay, but it is a brand and like all brands you pay for that.  We have had a TRX at the mikebussPT Fitness Centre from the beginning and cant fault it, we love it but just dont love the price.

  • Final thought on the TRX, it you want the brand go for the TRX, if you got the money go for it, but we do feel it comes second place to the MiloKit which we will talk about next in that the MiloKit is everything the TRX is in durability, quality, strength, but the MiloKit is more…  And on price and value for money it comes in at last place (3rd).
  • mikebussPT Fitness Centre Star Rating: 3/5

MiloKit – From SAQ:

Cost: £141.60

This is TOP DOG of all suspension training systems! We cant rate this one high enough, it is everything the TRX is and so much more!  It meets British safety standards and tested to take 200kg of weight just like the TRX which the Jungle Gym doesnt.  The MiloKit is use by many professional athletes, just like the TRX, but what the MiloKit can offer that the TRX cant is the added versitility of seperate ancor points.

The MiloKit is two seperate straps, which can work in the V-Shape like the TRX, but can be seperated at any width wanted or used solo, giving you the versatility of suspension training and gymnastic ring training which is very popular in CrossFit.

  • Final Thoughts, this is the Daddy of Suspension Training, we love it!  The quality and strength of the TRX, more versitile and about £60 cheaper!
  • MiloKit comes out TOP DOG for Suspension Training at the mikebussPT Fitness Centre!
  • mikebussPT Fitness Centre Star Rating: 5/5



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