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There is no getting away from it! Never before has what you eat been so newsworthy with Diets heavily promoting on TV and in Press, Jamie Oliver continuing with his mission to get school canteens healthy and both in the UK & USA.

The problem is that the more the media tell us, the more people seem to get more confused about what is and isnt good for you.  So here it is, the simple guide to healthy eating.

FIRST, lets set the record straight:


Low Fat is always healthy: FALSE… Low Fat products can still contain high levels of saturated fats, salt and sugar.

A cooked breakfast is unhealthy: FALSE…If you cook your breakfast in 2inches of fat, or any food for that matter, then of course its going to be unhealthy!  So trim the fat off the bacon, grill the bacon instead of frying (use my favourite, the Lean Mean George Forman Grilling Machine), poach your eggs instead of frying and then your cooked breakfast starts looking quite healthy.

White meat is better for you than red meat: FALSE…Lean red meat trimmed of excess fat makes it a whole lot healthier.  Plus we need red meat in our diet just as much as white meat.

Shake the habit:

Too much salt in your diet can raise your blood pressure.  People dont even know that they are eating too much…  On average 75% of it is hidden in the food we buy and eat, such as pre-packaged foods.

To help you cut down… 

  • Check lables and chose lower salt levels.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Add less to your food.
  • Use garlic, herbs and spices instead of salt to add flavour.

Its all about balance:

Unless you have been living in a cave, you probably know that a nutritious diet is good for you.  Why though?  What difference does it make if you lead a life of eating junk or eat healthy?

Well, as you might expect, A LOT ACTUALLY!!!  Doctors and nutritionists dont just prescribe healthy eating  to make you feel guilty, your diet is a vital part to your health & wellbeing.

Eating well is more about just watching the calories, you need variety and balance.

Tuck into more of these:

Bread, Cereals & Potatoes

Brown or Wholemeal Bread | Rice, Pasta & Couscous | Oats | Potatoes

Fruit & Veg

Fresh Fruit | Vegetables | Canned Fruit | Dried Fruit | Frozen Vegetables | Fresh Juice

Meat, Fish, & Alternatives

Chicken | Fish | Lean Meat | Eggs | Nuts & Beans | Tofu & Soya


Skimmed or Semi-Skimmed Milk | Low-Fat Natural Yoghurt | Cheese


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